A small 111㎡ three-bedroom Scandinavian house was completed, and its hard finish cost 80,000 yuan, with an effect comparable to 180,000 yuan.

It's been a while since I bought a new house. Bungalow with an area of ​​111 sq.m has three bedrooms and is located on third floor. The simplification of finishing costs 10,000 yuan. After soft finish is matched at a later stage, fashionable and atmospheric Colleagues and friends say that the effect looks like it costs 180,000 yuan Let's show!

First take a look at floor plan, three bedroom apartment, actually space is still a bit limited.

Relatively small living room, mostly gray and white, with log floor and TV furniture, very fresh and trendy, giving people a warm feeling.

The leather-pink single-seat sofa chair is made in an individual style. It is located opposite balcony where you can drink tea and read a book. This is a good location.

The TV wall and sofa wall are not decorated with figures, and storage partition is installed on top surface of TV wall, and effect is not bad.

The walls of restaurant are decorated with photographs, not traditional photo walls, but covered with a cork board, walls are also very beautiful and warm, memories are everywhere, which is very memorable.

The wall surface of side cabinet is same as TV wall, and it is equipped with storage partitions, which looks stylish and stylish.

▲The master bedroom is same as living room, with a gray and white color scheme with pink tones added, which looks warm and romantic. There was a window at head of bed that was open to let in light and closed like a decoration on wall, very hidden.

The second bedroom is made in sky blue and is suitable for both girls and boys. Now it is used as a guest room.

The office is relatively small, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, plenty of light and a small bed. This office can also sometimes function as a bedroom. A whole L-shaped cabinet for desktop is built along it. wall and next to a window for storage. Very powerful, overall beautiful and atmospheric, with a feeling of THIS. Does this repair look like it's worth 180,000?

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It's been a while since I bought a new house. Bungalow with an area of ​​111 sq.m has three bedrooms and is located on third floor. The simplification of finishing costs 10,000 yuan. After soft finish is matched at a later stage, ...
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