One design fee of 3000 is really worth it, cabinet design is so original that house will increase by 20㎡.

The area of ​​the new house is small, and interior is only about 90 yuan. Good design requires storage function and overall aesthetics. The constructor is too powerful. The cabinet design is very inventive. house just seems to have increased by 20 square meters, and pantry is super powerful.

This is a flat design house and layout is very reasonable.

All light, gray with light pink tones, overall look is elegant and practical, and effect is not bad.

The floor is covered with light glass bricks, which makes room brighter.

A set of built-in wardrobes is installed to side of sofa in living room to accommodate storage needs of living room.

The wall from hallway corner to dining room is a closet that surrounds wall as a whole. Even kitchen is semi-open, closet is used as a partition, and there is an emotional bar counter.

The wooden dining table and chairs are still very graceful, and effect of matching simple style is just right.

Because restaurant is equipped with card seats, background wall also makes more sense in design, with colorful waistlines and hanging pictures on top surface, effect is also good.

The passage leading to bedroom is quite spacious, and ground is surrounded by waves and wires, which looks very atmospheric.

All bedrooms are paved with wooden floors, which are more pleasant to touch and make bedroom quieter.

The bedside table is directly replaced by wall cabinet, which is more practical in design.

There is also a set of wall cabinets next to bed with sliding doors so you don't have to worry about storage space.

The children's room is also equipped with a number of wardrobes, all of which are sliding door wardrobes. The effect is not bad, and it looks very generous.

The desk is also made to order in a simple style, simpler it is, easier it is to use and easier it is to clean.

The study room is designed directly with tatami, not only as a study room, but also as a temporary guest bedroom.

The kitchen is equipped with L-shaped cabinets with plenty of storage space. The white cabinets are paired with gray tiles for a stylish and atmospheric look.

The balcony is directly built into laundry room, where washing and drying are carried out, as well as wardrobes for storing things.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry, equipped with a square shower room, stone color floor tiles match with light gray wall tiles, whole bathroom looks quite stylish. The design fee of 3,000 yuan for such decoration is worth it, and design itself is free, but I am ashamed to ask too many requirements for free design.

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