The new house is decorated in super popular Scandinavian style, and effect of spending 280,000 yuan is amazing, it really is makeup of an Internet celebrity.

Over past two years, internet celebrities have become popular in online home improvement industry. The new house I bought is an open-plan apartment of 139 square meters. Internet. It should be fresh, artistic and fashionable. There is no shortage, it looks very warm and comfortable, and finished effect is really makeup of an Internet celebrity, with a little retro nostalgic style, effect is excellent, and it is really worth spending 280,000 on soft and solid decoration!

The entrance is very spacious, and wallpaper on background wall is amazing, I don't think I've seen anything like it before. The dressing stool is also very retro and overall effect is really amazing.

I bought a super popular caramel leather sofa for living room, very textured, wall design is also very good, and built-in bookcase is filled with a literary and artistic atmosphere.

Bamboo and wood floors are laid on ground, door and window are open, and lines are simple, making the whole room feel very majestic.

The background wall of sofa is pretty nice. Built-in bookcases are symmetrical on both sides. Sitting on sofa, drinking tea and reading books, afternoon becomes super comfortable.

Glass sliding doors are used as partitions between dining room and kitchen, so that air and lighting in house are transparent, and room looks much brighter.

The background walls of restaurant are clad in retro brick, retro solid wood dining tables and chairs are installed, and windows are wide open.

The background of TV wall in master bedroom is similar to wallpaper in hallway, which looks very magical. At entrance to bedroom there is a row of wardrobes from ceiling to ceiling. worry about storage space. bay windows are also decorated with white shutters. beautiful.

The decor style of children's room is similar to that of master bedroom: floor is paved in a V-shape, walls are painted sky blue, and desk is located by the window, which looks simple and elegant.

The Scandinavian style of second bedroom is more crisp, laid-back and lazy, and combination of gray and pink is best.

There are two bathrooms, one with a bathtub and other with a shower, and bathing mode can be switched at any time.

The balcony is directly sunny, very bright and quite spacious. It is sealed and planted with large green plants in pots. It's like a home garden, relaxing and comfortable!

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Over past two years, internet celebrities have become popular in online home improvement industry. The new house I bought is an open-plan apartment of 139 square meters. Internet. It should be fresh, artistic and fashionable. Ther...
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