Duplex Sunshine 65㎡ on top floor, a gifted loft converted into a games room, this Scandinavian style is very urban

The new house is a two-story building on top floor. The house is not too old. This is also a 2008 house. The owner has taken good care of it and it is brand new. The repair didn't do any repairs at all. changes in layout. The living room is made in an open pattern, effect is spacious and grand, and decorated in a Scandinavian style with a sense of urban petite bourgeoisie and fashion. It is not only a duplex, but also a small loft as a gift, turning it into a children's playroom. practical and convenient.Show!

This is an open living room. The wall with sofa rests against table at back. Living room, office, dining room and kitchen - four functional areas in one space. It looks compact, but is actually very nice and comfortable.

Looking at it from a different angle, background wall of study at back is filled with an entire wall of bookcases, which is very practical.

Behind door is dining and kitchen area, which is also made open. The dining table directly uses island bar counter in kitchen. The entrance hall is equipped with white upper and lower shoe cabinets. The cabinets are relatively thin, but they are also large enough to store frequently worn shoes.

The blue studded sofa, coffee table and seats are done in an old-fashioned retro style.

From kitchen to dining and living areas, there is a storage area under bar table that can also be used as a console, which is very convenient.

The bedrooms are all on top floor, a space with a sloping roof and bright wallpaper against bed, there is not only a special area for makeup, but also a small office.

Even though it's slanted, there aren't many usable walls, but there's no waste at all, and there's still plenty of storage space.

Outside there is a terrace with good lighting.

Finished with anti-corrosion wood, it gives visual feeling of a small garden in villa.

The second bedroom is a tatami study, which can sometimes be used as a guest bedroom.

There is also an attic upstairs, which is used as a playroom for children. The children's bed, children's toys, tables, etc. are already ready. Play and sleep are combined, and space is very practical. !

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