Just finished traveling banquet, showing off new home, American soft dress style, effect is really beautiful

The new house I bought was a two-bedroom house. This was first time I owned my own home and it was first time I refurbished it. Not only did I have a sense of accomplishment, but my family and friends were also very inspired. The decoration is very thoughtful, and I participated in both soft and hard scenery. I have been doing decorations almost every day for more than 2 months. The finishing effect is very impressive, all sideboards are custom made and TV wall is decorated with marble made by my husband personally, which is very beautiful. I just finished traveling banquet and I haven't had time to clean it yet, let's show whole American style house!

The size of house is not too big, but it exceeds one million yuan. The dining room is right outside door. The solid wood dining table and chairs are American style, and it can be used as a table sometimes, which is very convenient.

This wine cabinet is very large and high quality. This is a custom cabinet. It costs more than 3000 yuan, and effect is still very good.

The living room is not big, but sofa is in a very unique style and has a balcony attached to it, so space looks more open. The sofa is quite individual and style is very trendy.

The TV wall is directly finished with marble. My husband made it himself. There are also backgrounds for sconces on both sides. The effect is good. I am very satisfied.

Despite fact that it has been ventilated for a long time, there are still many green plants on balcony, which deodorize well and are beautiful.

This wooden bogu stand is a small antique. She was moved from my parents' house. It is in good condition and still new. Succulents have been grown on it for a long time.

The master bedroom is a bit dirty and hasn't been cleaned yet. Let me show you baby's room first. They've been cleaning it up for last few days. The son still lives with his parents. The walls are aligned. wallpapering, lighting and furniture finishing. Everything is fine, children really like it.

The kitchen is equipped with U-shaped overall cabinets. White cabinets are combined with gray wall and floor tiles. I took a photo, how do you like effect?

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The new house I bought was a two-bedroom house. This was first time I owned my own home and it was first time I refurbished it. Not only did I have a sense of accomplishment, but my family and friends were also very inspired. The ...
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