A total of 98,000 new houses were built in settlement list, and an independent laundry room appeared on kitchen balcony, which is very practical.

The new house consists of three bedrooms and two living rooms, area is not too big, that is, 117 square meters, decoration is relatively simple, but color combination and decoration is very high class. I paid 98,000 and my favorite is balcony in kitchen which has been turned into a separate laundry room which is very practical and can be used in sun!

The lobbies are all open with shoe cabinets built into side walls and Scandinavian style dining tables and chairs in middle that look fresh and natural and color combination is also very elegant. comfortable to watch.

The entrance hall opens directly into living room. To protect privacy, a set of ceiling-to-ceiling wardrobes is installed between entrance and living room. Can be used to store things.

The kitchen is equipped with a frosted glass sliding door, which is relatively thick and can obscure view, but still transmits light well and can maintain a sense of transparency.

The whole kitchen is covered with white I-brick, effect of matching with general white cabinets is also good.

From balcony side of kitchen, there is a wardrobe from top to bottom, and washing machine is placed inside, which is a relatively independent laundry room.

Such a small space is also maximized, and it is also very convenient to wash and rinse mop.

The custom-made sideboard in dining room and wall in living room are also painted in light gray, which is very popular in past two years, and effect is also good.

This is overall effect of living room. The wall with TV is directly painted in gray, and there is a TV cabinet at bottom that can be stretched. It's simple and atmospheric, very attractive.

The balcony also has a built-in closet to very top, and there is an additional pantry.

The master bedroom is equipped with a closet-like wardrobe, and bay window has also been turned into a tatami. The closet can also be used for storage.

The second bedroom is a little smaller and furniture has not yet been installed, a set of closets on the side is enough to store clothes.

A small office is a separate room. The desks and bookcases are custom made as a single unit, and office and study are relatively quieter.

There are two bathrooms, one is a master bathroom with a bathtub and other is a guest bathroom, which is equipped with glass sliding doors to create a dry and wet separation scheme, tidy and clean. This decoration costs 98,000 yuan, is it worth it?

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