Bought a house on ground floor for a small courtyard. After installation, effect is comparable to Internet celebrity villa, beautiful and warm

The landscaping of residential area, which I like, is very good. On ground floor of bungalow there is a small courtyard. Looking at draft, I feel that type of house and environment are very good. I bought a house on ground floor behind yard. The area is not large, 100 Another two-room, built in a warm IKEA style, effect is bourgeois and warm. If you do not know in advance that this is a bungalow on ground floor, you really think that this is a small villa - celebrities!

The living room balcony and balcony are all open, and small patio is raised together, and they are directly wrapped with broken bridge aluminum, so that small patio enclosed at home is more convenient.

The interior decoration is very simple, but colors and upholstered furniture are made in warm colors. Warm-coloured walls are paired with white sofas and TV cabinets. The storage is also powerful, practical and spacious.

Looking at balcony outside from living room, view is very wide and it is connected to garden of whole community. If I hadn't said it beforehand, I would have thought that whole area belongs to my own yard.

The verandah closet and entry sideboard are serialized together. The kitchen is made open and layout of house is very clear. Bathroom, kitchen and dining room are not far from each other. The bathroom has a complete three-stage dry and wet separation, more clean and hygienic.

The kitchen is equipped with U-shaped overall cabinets, space is quite open, and a group of small bar counters is used as partitions on outer wall, which is also convenient for storing small items.

Show overall effect of kitchen.

The master bedroom has a bay window which is basically floor to ceiling style. The lighting is very good. The bay window is not only turned into a casual tatami mat, but side space is also used as a storage niche. The effect is very beautiful. !

The children's room is a knife-shaped space with a small balcony that is directly connected to outside space, creating a seating area with a wide view where you can play, draw and read books, which is very convenient. . The effect of such a house is not bad, right? What do you think?

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The landscaping of residential area, which I like, is very good. On ground floor of bungalow there is a small courtyard. Looking at draft, I feel that type of house and environment are very good. I bought a house on ground floor b...
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