The same 86-meter two-bedroom apartment, same simple finishes, why do other people's houses look like luxury houses?

After new house is finished, it has same area of ​​86㎡ as model room, which is definitely not comparable to effect of model room. After all, it is a simple decoration, but neighbor and new house are also same 86㎡, and even simple decoration, even money spent It is much smaller than at home, but effect is like a light luxury small mansion. This is really not an exaggeration. You can see it after viewing. It looks like it could be fully packaged for less than 60,000?

This is overall effect of living room. The tiles on floor are all polished, although tiles are not plain and furniture is not matched.

In fact, color tone is no less elegant and elite, but depends on combination. The neighbor's house is pretty good. The use of orange is just right and it really has a Hong Kong feel to it. light luxury.

The walls are painted in khaki color, and most of furniture has metal decorations, such as coffee tables, nightstands, sofa legs, etc., all metal frames and table legs are golden, effect is good, and the overall appearance is more transparent and bright.

This is overall effect of living room. The use of orange really makes people feel high quality of Hermes. Premium texture.

A dining table in a restaurant with a black glass top, which is very fashionable. Now such a table is liked by young people. It looks good and works well.

There is a black framed glass partition between dining room and kitchen, which goes very well with look of dining table and chairs and does not affect lighting. Light from kitchen and light from dining room and living room make room very bright.

The peacock blue dining table and chairs are still very beautiful, velvet + metal, this effect is very noble and glamorous, which directly enhances rating of restaurant.

The kitchen is equipped with white overall cabinets, and lighting itself is good, so kitchen looks more beautiful and more practical

The background of bedside table in master bedroom is decorated with dark green velvet wallpaper, and middle is inlaid with golden lines for decoration, giving a high class and nobility feeling.

The wardrobe space in corner is used to maximum, dressing table is built in opposite bay window, and space left on side is just enough to accommodate a stool, such a wardrobe is a completely independent open wardrobe. ?

The second bedroom is simpler and shouldn't be too luxurious. It is very good to keep it fresh and elegant. It is suitable for both elderly and children.

The bathroom has a three-stage separation of dry and wet water. The sink and bathroom are separated. The shower area in bathroom is also divided by glass. This kind of separation between dry and wet water is more practical, so you don't have to worry about getting wet after a shower. This effect is very light and luxurious, right? The effect that simplicity can create is truly enviable!

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