The decorating company presented by my colleagues cost more than 50,000 yuan for a 96 square meter two bedroom package with hard furnishings. The effect is really impressive.

Preparations for finishing new house began two months before receiving keys. I didn't know anything about finish itself. Fortunately, there is a finishing company that my colleagues used at home. The service is good and price is relatively favorable. The key is that construction quality is very good, so immediately I found this company to do it, and since it was introduced, I got a discounted price. In end, hard-packed house 96 square meters cost more than 50,000 yuan and less than 60,000 yuan The effect is really better than 100,000 yuan decoration Sunshine!

This is general layout. If you have a house of same size and like decoration of our house, you can decorate it!

The walls are all whitewashed, floors are all wooden, hard finish of entrance is very simple, there is a changing bench with partitions for storage, which is fresh and fashionable.

The entrance and restaurant are combined. The restaurant is not only made in a relatively fresh and natural log style, but also has a cabin. Even though it is relatively compact, it is beautiful and warm.

Create a semi-open kitchen. The floor is covered with black and white mosaic tiles. The U-shaped common wardrobe is beautiful and elegant. The choice of wooden countertops matches overall style and effect is very beautiful.

This is overall effect of living room. The gray fabric sofa is matched with light blue latex paint wall. There is not only a glass sliding door between balcony and balcony, but also a gas curtain as a partition. , Fine.

The wardrobe is very small, less than four square meters. The barn door is installed to save space. Not only is there a whole wall of cabinets inside, but also a full-length mirror. The small space is very stylish.

The wall of master bedroom is painted in same light blue color as living room, bay window is also decorated, not only countertop is made of white marble, but also a storage cabinet in form of an alcove is installed on side. for daily storage.

The second bedroom is similar to master bedroom, but not too big. The overall bathroom is done in black, white and gray, with black cabinets and black shower curtains. The white bathroom looks very neat and elegant. Such an effect only costs more than 50,000 yuan, isn't it worth it?

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