Remove one wall to create an open tatami practice room that is much more spacious along with living room, allowing you to enjoy whole house.

Actually, for decoration, goal is to find a responsible decoration company to do after-sales service, find a reliable designer to make design, and at a later stage, some economical, practical and beautiful designs. Although this was first renovation, fortunately it was not scammed like others. The house of over 130 square meters was built in a simple and beautiful style. In living room, one wall was removed to create an open tatami study. much more spacious, and you can enjoy whole house!

There is an independent entrance to enter door, and upper and lower shoe cabinets are built in. The bottom of shoe cabinets is all empty, and it is also convenient to store indoor shoes. The living room is open plan and back itself is a separate space. In order to make interior look more open, living room partition was removed and half of wall was left, so that interior layout is more transparent.

The furniture and household appliances in living room are relatively simple, American-style furniture, light and fashionable colors, and even top of window overlooking office is decorated with gray curtains, which is very emotional.

Behind sofa is an open tatami room, and to side is a restaurant, which also has large floor-to-ceiling windows, and an almost open balcony where washing and drying takes place. looks amazingly bright.

This is an open study room at back of house, made of tatami, with a lift table in middle and a wooden partition on the wall as a writing desk. Three or five friends cannot discuss with each other and study together.

The dining room and kitchen are designed as a whole, there is only a gap between kitchen and kitchen, and there is no glass door.

The kitchen is equipped with L-shaped overall cabinets, capacity is not bad, tiles on wall are also quite characteristic, one side is beige, and background wall is decorated with small colored mosaic, which is fresh and fashionable!

The master bedroom is still very retro, with an American vibe, creating a quiet and peaceful bedroom atmosphere that is more comfortable.

The second bedroom is equipped with a false ceiling and has a private balcony, most suitable for drying. Combined with sky blue cotton and linen curtains, drapery is very good and the effect is really impressive. What do you think?

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Actually, for decoration, goal is to find a responsible decoration company to do after-sales service, find a reliable designer to make design, and at a later stage, some economical, practical and beautiful designs. Although this w...
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