The girlfriends used their small treasury for decoration, creating a golden European style, so rich and wayward!

My friend's family conditions are very good and she has a small business. When she just got married, although she does not need to buy a wedding house, she will take care of all decorations. She will use her small treasury to pay for finishing costs. The 100 m² two-room apartment is built in golden European style, which is visual feeling of a local tyrant, and it is really rich and masterful!

All in gold, floor tiles in living room, wallpaper on back wall, including a 3+1+1 European style sofa, overall look is really gorgeous and luxurious.

The TV wall is decorated with white wood lines and a diamond-shaped mirror as background of wall lamp. Imported jade is installed directly in middle, which also has a golden color. This decorative design effect is very large and beautiful.

The dining table and chairs in dining room are same as sofa in living room. All of them are in this European style with gold upholstery. Furniture costs a lot of money. The effect is pretty nice too.

If you look from dining room into living room, area is not large, and effect is not bad.

The floor of aisle is also made of black and gray marble with two waves, and with a magnificent ceiling, even aisle looks very expensive.

The bathroom is completely separated from wet and dry. The sink and vanity are in same space. The bathroom is a toilet and shower area separated by glass in middle, which is very refreshing and clean.

The floor in master bedroom is paved with wooden floors, furniture is matched, and ceiling is also decorated with plaster lines. The effect is good, comfortable and shallow.

The backdrop by bed is adorned with wallpaper and white stucco lines to create a gorgeous effect, while bay window is also covered with marble tops and cushions to create a relaxed and atmospheric bedroom feel.

The second bedroom is decorated in a more cartoonish style. The walls are covered with graffiti and children's wallpaper. There is no bay window here, but a combined wardrobe with a card seat and a desk is built in. Such a children's space is very comfortable, even if you live alone. What do you think about this effect, and how much money do you consider reliable?

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