The whole house is finished with marble, and cost of list is 200,000. Has this effect been screwed up?

It's been three months since renovations in new house.The hard finish has just been finished and is still being cleaned.The furniture hasn't been installed yet.The whole house is made of marble floor tiles.Even TV's background wall is decorated with marble.Counting list, it's really case cost 200,000 yuan. This effect was cheated?

The floor is all covered with marble tiles, and parquet was specially installed in restaurant, which is very beautiful.

Mosaic floor tiles not only in dining room, but in front of sofa in living room, a set of mosaics is installed, which is just randomly placed on sofa and coffee table, so that furniture is installed in front.

The aisle is also lined with black marble, floor looks more upscale and overall look is also great.

The TV wall, like floor, is finished with marble tiles, and a set of wooden screens is installed on side for decoration.

The dining room and living room are connected, and wall in middle is broken to make it seem more open, especially dining room and living room have balconies, which makes it more open and bright.

The kitchen is equipped with glass sliding doors, originally it was a dark cabinet without windows so that lighting can be preserved.

The kitchen is equipped with U-shaped cabinets that are inherently dark, so cabinets and countertops are custom-made in light colors, while the gray wall and floor tiles look stylish and inviting.

The master bedroom has a well-lit balcony and a glass sliding door as a partition. In addition, northern weather is more environmentally friendly.

The walls of second bedroom are covered with wallpaper, furniture is not standing now.

Put furniture for bed, and effect will be good.

The children's room has bunk beds and bunk beds, which is very American. The bay window has also been converted into a sofa bed, which is very comfortable and lively.

There is only one bathroom, and area is not large, it is equipped with a separate shower room, and division into dry and wet is very practical.

The floor of balcony is tiled to look like wood, and walls are raked and sanded to look like tiles, it is better to tile balcony, since latex paint is not moisture resistant enough. This 200,000 effect is hardcoded, has it been tricked?

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