56㎡ squeeze out two rooms and one living room, bathroom is walled up and separated from dry and wet, and whole package costs 80,000 yuan, is it worth it?

The new house I bought is a small apartment of 56 square meters with a small area. This is a family of three. Sometimes my mom comes to take care of kids, so I just need a two-bedroom house. , and children's room should be equipped with bunk beds. All walls that could be dismantled were removed and living room was converted into a small bedroom, which was properly converted into two bedrooms and one living room. . with wet and dry separation. Its installation costs 80,000 yuan, do you think this effect is worth it?

At entrance there is a small entrance hall, and a dressing table and a stool for changing clothes are placed on one side. There is no exit, there is no such wall. In order to have more storage space, a cabinet for shoes and a wardrobe In hallway are separated by plasterboard., The TV hangs straight on wall.

The dining room and living room are combined, background wall is covered with coffee-colored wallpaper, and then decorated with a photo wall, effect is not bad.

The dining and living areas are combined, taking up space of living room when you are eating, and positioning it to side of wall when you are not eating, which takes up no space.

Since dining and living areas are separated, back of sofa leads to children's room, where a simple invisible door is installed.

The bathroom and kitchen are on same side, and kitchen is equipped with glass sliding doors, thanks to which room always remains open and transparent.

Looking at it from a different angle, although area is small, capacity is not bad.

The kitchen is equipped with green L-shaped built-in cabinets, and refrigerator is simply placed on other side, and there is good storage space.

The master bedroom is small, but it has enough storage space: not only a wardrobe on side, but a whole wall of wardrobes at end of bed.

The office, although full, does not look depressing, effect is not bad, spacious and atmospheric.

The children's room is squeezed out of living room and layout is rather odd, with custom cabinetry same as kitchen storage, and pink is more girly too. Put up a set of bunk beds and bunk beds, and there will be somewhere to sleep when mom comes.

A small space on the balcony is just enough to accommodate a desk and chair, and it is much more convenient to use it as a desk and chair for children.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry, washbasin and washing machine are located in aisle of exit from master bedroom, which saves space in bathroom as in a separate shower room.

After all, family has a slightly larger population. Not only is washbasin outside, but there is also a washbasin in bathroom. The shower area is made of brick to separate dry from wet, and shower curtain is painted, which is very practical.

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