The hard finish costs 70,000 yuan, whole house has a gypsum ceiling, American furniture, and it looks beautiful!

I didn't intend to spend any more money on finishing, especially on hard part of finish. The usual hard finish is enough, and furniture does not have to be chic, main thing is that it be practical. There are no fancy ceilings and shapes, only gypsum coils are used, and American style furniture is also super stylish, clean and beautiful. Sunlight!

All walls of living room are painted in warm tones of light tea with milk. All furniture is custom American style, leather and fabric sofas are matched with a set of wooden lounge sofas. placed by window. .

There is no balcony, only a bay window. The bay window is straight down and turned into a small area with tea tables and futons. This is a very cozy little tea room.

The TV wall is plasterboard and floor is antique tiles. The effect is retro and atmospheric. The TV wall is not only beautiful, but also very practical.

Looking at dining area from living room, TV cabinets are all made of brickwork, and outside is covered with tiles, which are durable and have good bearing capacity.

The dining table and chairs are made from solid dark wood, which matches American style very well.

The kitchen is made semi-open, with L-shaped overall cabinets, like TV cabinets, and a set of stone bar counters, covered with tiles, is installed on side, which is very emotional.

There are beams on upper surface of master bedroom, for greater harmony and unity, shape of beams is specially made of drywall, which looks quite stylish.

The second bedroom is for children. The bed and furniture are made of solid wood, which is very environmentally friendly, and fabric is also very beautiful.

The cabinet's rigid layout is very simple, tables and bookcases are placed straight, lighting is good, and it looks very transparent.

The bathroom is completely separated from wet and dry, sink is located right outside bathroom, and shower area inside is also separated by glass, it is clean and tidy here, and life is much more convenient!

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I didn't intend to spend any more money on finishing, especially on hard part of finish. The usual hard finish is enough, and furniture does not have to be chic, main thing is that it be practical. There are no fancy ceilings and ...
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