I bought a new house after 5 years of marriage and spent 80,000 yuan to decorate it in a simple style filled with a sense of accomplishment!

They get married right after graduating from university, none of them have a financial background and don't want to worry their parents too much about buying a house, so they just rented a house and got married. have been married for five years and their child is four, so they bought this new two-bedroom 90-square-meter home, result of two people's hard work that cost 80,000 yuan, to decorate it in a simple style. Seeing this effect, you have a sense of accomplishment and the whole house is affected!

The overall style is simple, floor is made of bright glass-ceramic bricks, and top surface is also equipped with a false ceiling, which is fashionable and beautiful.

The furniture is all ready, I bought a set of tablecloths and chair covers, color tone matches general style, effect is very good. The sideboard on wall is made by carpenter on site, size is just right, and storage space is divided, which is also very practical.

The wardrobe on veranda was not built on spot, I bought a ready-made shoe cabinet, which is placed against wall, and some improvised items can be placed on countertop.

The living room and balcony are interconnected, so I'm afraid there is not enough light here. The walls are mostly painted white, so room is very transparent.

The design of TV wall is not chic, but effect is very good. It is decorated with wallpaper and drywall, and a set of shelves is installed on side. It is elegant and small, and looks very cute.

Two medium sized bedrooms. The second bedroom is for children. It is mostly pink and white. The walls are made of diatomaceous mud. It is environmentally friendly and beautiful, very suitable for children's rooms. .

Just moved into a new home, very happy, master bedroom is still covered with original dragon and phoenix blanket, bright red, with a dressing room, space is very spacious, and storage function is also very powerful.

The wooden floor on ground is also hand sanded, with a clear texture. It's not a big brand but quality is good.

The bathroom is equipped with a glass partition to separate dry and wet. There is a shower room inside and a washroom outside. In order to make bathroom more tidy, I specially bought a spray-painted shelf, which is waterproof and rust-resistant, and function is also good. What do you think? Can it work?

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