The 95sqm two bedroom wedding hall has a wall of porch cabinets as you walk through door, which is very practical!

I'm not local. Buying a house of 95 sq.m in this city is not easy. Although it is in a remote suburb, it suits me. Doors and custom-made furniture almost pay off in two to three months when money is collected, and total cost is more than 80,000 yuan.

This is a closet on veranda at entrance. This is a full wall cabinet. Upper and lower shoe cabinets are installed at door, and a louvered door is also installed. Inside is a large closet that can hold a lot of coats and clothes.

The kitchen is to left of door. It is equipped with U-shaped overall cabinets. White cabinets are paired with beige tiles to create a warm and atmospheric ambiance. The semi-open layout makes kitchen feel small. much more spacious.

The decoration of living room is relatively simple, with a false ceiling on upper surface and ceiling lights, and beige fabric sofa is warm and soft, giving it a homely atmosphere.

The background wall of TV is simply shaped with wallpaper and plaster, and cost is only 800 yuan, and effect is not bad!

For the sake of health, newlyweds mainly buy solid wood furniture, including dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, walls are decorated with photo walls, which is very artistic.

The layout of master bedroom is more festive because it is made of solid wood furniture, so color tone is so old-fashioned, but practicality and environmental protection come first, don't you think?

The second bedroom is currently designed as an office. Wardrobes up to top can also be used for storage. Tables and chairs are also made of solid wood, which can be used for entertaining and relaxing.

The balcony space is small but very practical: upper and lower cabinets are located on same side to increase storage space.

The bathroom is small and shower area is separated by a glass door. It is very practical to create a dry and wet separation scheme, and safety factor of smart toilet is also high. What do you think of this effect?

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I'm not local. Buying a house of 95 sq.m in this city is not easy. Although it is in a remote suburb, it suits me. Doors and custom-made furniture almost pay off in two to three months when money is collected, and total cost is mo...
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