Although area is small, if it is well planned, 42㎡ Zhimendu can also be turned into a luxury home!

Many people envy those who have big houses. As people's taste in life is getting higher and higher, technology is getting more and more advanced, people are also prone to a lazy state, more people will be more, I prefer small- Smaller houses, if they have enough functional rooms, are easier to clean and feel more warm and homely, however, not every small-sized house can have such capital that is comparable to a large-sized house. still needs to be well planned and designed. For example, this set of 42㎡ Zhimen is one, after some finishing, it will immediately turn into a mansion style!

Such a small apartment is still very popular in white-collar society, and burden is not heavy, and also avoids problems of renting a house outside house. .

The smaller area, more important it is to provide sufficient lighting. This house itself is a single-family house, and all walls that can be demolished are immediately removed, and the layout becomes transparent and bright.

Dining room and living room integrated design, dining room is a group of dining tables filled with industrial style IT, and can sometimes be used directly as an outdoor workbench, especially at night, next to living room, atmosphere is just now good.

If you look at entire living room from above, area is actually very small. The double sofa is like a card chair, refined and fashionable.

The TV is hung directly on wall, without any molding for decoration. There is also a wall cabinet on table top, which helps to store things and saves space on floor and walls.

The kitchen is basically semi-open plan, just to build an L-shaped cabinet. The log cabinet door is matched with light-colored tiles. It's fresh and neat, and looks pretty comfortable.

A set of partitions was specially installed as a partition between living room and bedroom. The upper part is hollow, while lower part serves as a storage space to keep the room bright and airy.

It is said to be a bedroom, almost entire bedroom is a bed, but although house is small, space and functional areas are still very full.

Even attached balcony opens up and bedroom looks much more spacious with curtains installed, leaving a passage near window. Later on, it will put a lounge chair, that is, a small leisure balcony. The small house still has style of a luxury house. Actually a comfortable house or not does not depend on area, but on design. What do you think?

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