Create a simple and beautiful style with three bedrooms of 126 ㎡, with a hard list of 190,000, and garden entrance is so beautiful!

I bought a 126㎡ bungalow with three bedrooms, a small living area and good lighting on third floor. It also has an entrance garden. It is decorated in a simple and beautiful style. After counting hard-packed list, it's about 19 years old, family members are very satisfied with results, especially home garden, which is beautiful and practical, amazing!

The entrance garden is a separate space, with wardrobes on both sides, and an observation deck on opposite side. At bottom there is a place to store home shoes. The windows are very light.

The latex paint on wall and on upper surface of living room has a stepped color with a slightly warmer beige tint.

The TV wall has no particular shape. The sofa is a combination of fabric and leather. They say that sofas made of different materials are more convenient to place. This is true, and it looks more advanced.

Integrated design of guest and dining room, sofas are not placed against wall, which saves space.

The light in restaurant is not very bright, but rather openwork and compact. Turning on light at night is very romantic and warm.

The color of background wall tile in kitchen is relatively bright. The purple color I chose is more elegant when paired with white cabinets, which will lift spirits of anyone who cooks.

The wall of master bedroom is painted in light gray, slightly bluish, fresh and elegant, but cozy.

By creating a walk-through closet, storage space is not a problem.

The second bedroom is for parents. The color is slightly more noble. The color scheme is purple and dark solid wood. The combination is calm and dignified, which is very suitable for preferences of elderly.

Children can't live on their own now, and children's room is currently a playroom that will be gradually redone in future.

There are two bathrooms, main bathroom is a bath and second is a shower. This is exactly what is needed. The paving is full of retro style antique tiles, artistic, elegant and beautiful!

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I bought a 126㎡ bungalow with three bedrooms, a small living area and good lighting on third floor. It also has an entrance garden. It is decorated in a simple and beautiful style. After counting hard-packed list, it's about 19 ye...
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