A young couple who had just graduated spent 2,500 yuan to renovate a 39-square-meter rental house, and after watching, landlord gave away 2 months for free.

I just graduated from university and live relatively poorly. Houses in good areas have little space and are often rented out, and interior of house is quite old. This house is 39㎡.After negotiating price and signing a contract with landlord, I began to clean it.It cost 2500 yuan to repair it.The finished product is very fashionable.Even landlord directly said that he would reduce rent for two months.In other words, most landlords prefer people who treasure their home, right? What are you saying?

There is nothing wrong if there is no comparison. Let's first load photos before transformation.

This is living room and upper part is sleeping area. The house is mostly modified after a soft finish.

The conversion time is about 7 days, which is exactly a week. Let's take a group photo first, hasn't it changed completely?

Despite fact that this is a rental house, it is still processed by certification. First, layout is done, and then changes are made. It's called prepared combat, isn't it?

The bed was very dirty, I bought paint and repainted it later and it was white and clean.

Scandinavian style bedding with striped linens and side cabinets covered in checkered fabric. The overall style is still reminiscent of IKEA style.

The living room and bedroom are a single space. After changing layout, a linear curtain is installed in middle. Despite small size of room, bed, wardrobe, hanger and desk are all intact and tidy.

Next to linear curtain is living area. The original sofa has been rearranged and placed against wall here for a much more atmospheric effect.

There is not enough space in closet, so I bought such a floor hanger again, you can hang all clothes according to season, it is convenient to change clothes and wash.

Looking at effect of entire area of ​​the bedroom from bedroom, there is a bay window behind clothes rack, and lighting itself is very good. Even if window on one side is blocked after renovation, it will be very bright.

The outer cover of coffee small sofa has been removed and washed again, and it is also very good to put it other way.

The small office is open again, and even side cabinets of closet are used as a background wall, and the photographs hanging on it are warm and artistic.

Looking at overall effect of living room from a different angle, kitchen wall is also equipped with door curtains, effect is spacious and atmospheric, very beautiful.

How can there be a mess in the kitchen of a house that has been rented out many times, it does not look suitable for cooking.

I bought special pvc wallpapers for kitchen. Having pasted them like this, they still look good, and effect is very atmospheric

With this comparison, you have no idea what happened!

Such an amazing change cost only 2500 yuan, and effect is really good. If I were a landlord, I would also reduce or vacate rent. After all, a tenant who loves his home is rare. so many, right? What do you think?

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