The old house also has a spring, 63 square meters of second-hand housing converted from 60,000 yuan, and completion effect is amazing!

A wedding is approaching, and house prices have been volatile for past two years. The house was completed only after Spring Festival, and repairs began immediately after commissioning. 60,000 all-inclusive refurbishment, finished effect is striking, not to mention spaciousness and brightness, appearance is off charts!

This plan was made after measuring room. She probably has such a layout. The dining room and living room are combined, and there is not enough space, so every centimeter of space should be used to maximum.

The entryway itself is relatively narrow, and limited wall space is also used to make use of shoe cabinet built into top. Despite narrow cabinet, capacity cannot be underestimated.

The bathroom is specially divided into dry and wet zones, and washing machine will fit in dry one. The house is small, but there is also where to do laundry.

The refrigerator is located directly in living room. The living room itself is small, just a set of double fabric sofas. The TV cabinet and coffee table are made of logs. Simple decorations make whole living room feel fresh and cozy. .

The kitchen is opposite sink.Because of small area, after installing cabinets, there is almost no space to work.The area is only over 3 square meters, but there is enough storage space.White cabinets and white wall tiles look good together.Very high.

Although area is small, with separate windows it looks much more spacious.

In addition, design of cabinet is also very strong. The drawer is also designed as a pull-out basket, which can store many things.

Looking at dry area of ​​the bathroom from kitchen, here is sink and countertop of washing machine. The aisle in middle is very narrow, but this does not affect use.

Toilets are still divided into wet and dry, water barriers and shower curtains are installed, which are especially effective.

The second bedroom is built into a full tatami mat used as a study. Even if there are children in the future, this room can be turned into a nursery in minutes!

The last part is master bedroom. The hard finish is relatively simple and color scheme is relatively soft. At moment, it is not decorated as a wedding room, and it will be decorated when wedding takes place. The date is coming and the red linens are a must!

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