Saved on installing ceiling and opened closet, relatives and friends appreciated practical effect and will live a good life!

The new house I bought is a small two-bedroom house with an area of ​​73 square meters. The layout of space is very compact. The house is small. I did not plan to install a false ceiling or make a background wall for decoration. .Instead, I directly saved money and used it to assemble cabinets. All furniture in house is custom-made, size is suitable and very practical, and even balcony has a storage cabinet with a card seat. Relatives and friends saw this and praised that they would live a good life and enjoy it!

From beginning of hallway, a built-in entrance closet has been built. Despite small space, hanging closet, floor closet, dressing stool, countertop and hollowed out bottom have all designs to be done, which is very practical.

To left of entrance is a children's room. The house is small in size. The whole design is a built-in tatami, wardrobe, bed, desk and bookcase. room must be completed.

The master bedroom is not too big with a custom wardrobe and a custom tatami bed which is a bit bigger than kids room and size of custom furniture is more suitable.

The living room is quite spacious, there is no molding in it. It is made only from gypsum coils, which is simple and elegant. Even on balcony there is a bespoke deck as storage space and a table for relaxing which is very practical.

The space of living room, dining room and kitchen, one might say, is transparent from north to south, with very good lighting. The kitchen has specially fitted glass sliding doors to let light through and the space feel spacious.

The kitchen is very small, and it is also equipped with a U-shaped overall cabinet, with an operating table in middle, there is also enough storage space in a small kitchen.

The shared white cabinets match beige marble countertops, and small kitchen is also very pretty.

Despite fact that house is small and bathroom is not large, it still has a dry and wet layout, washbasin is right outside, and a glass sliding door is specially installed inside to separate shower area, which is more convenient to use.

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