Spend 190,000 yuan to build a three-bedroom log house of 128 square meters, and marble TV wall alone costs 10,000 yuan.

This 128-square-meter, three-bedroom apartment cost 190,000 RMB from rough to hardcover. It is made in log style, decorated with logs as main material. The price of marble on TV wall is high, and whole thing costs 10,000 yuan Let's look at effect.

The floor of entrance porch is specially tiled with fire-fired cement-colored floor tiles, which are still very popular today, especially in log style and Scandinavian style. Shoe cabinet log cabins have a very durable texture.

The living room and balcony are open, interior lighting is very good, sofa wall is left empty, and TV wall is made of wood veneer panels combined with a marble background, the overall style is very grand.

The marble is imported, texture is very good, and whole piece costs tens of thousands. On side of TV wall, a solid wood showcase is specially built, beautiful and practical.

The sofa is a Scandinavian-style gray fabric sofa. This is a small Scandinavian style. The ceiling is very simple. It is directly embellished with extended lines of stucco and complemented by spotlights as a light source. The effect is also very good. .

The background wall of restaurant is decorated with same marble as TV wall, with wooden dining tables and chairs, which is classic and atmospheric, and texture is also very solid.

The kitchen space is very spacious and balcony is also used with it. There are refrigerators and cupboards and storage space is also very good. The combination of logs and white tiles is bright and elegant.

The bedside backdrop in master bedroom is adorned with log veneer paneling paired with gray bedding and curtain fabrics to create a sense of warmth and comfort.

The space of second bedroom is about same as that of master bedroom. The headboard background has been changed from full wall cladding to a log baseboard. Blank walls are simple and elegant with logs.

All walls of children's room are painted gray, and top surface is also decorated with lines of white plaster.

The overall style of bathroom is similar to that of kitchen: a combination of white and logs. It is very practical to install glass sliding doors to create a dry/wet separation pattern.

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