The kitchen console is used as a TV wall, sofa wall is installed with a 40 cm high cabinet wall, and 40 sq. m is also decorated in a luxurious style.

The first thing to solve when setting up a family in a big city in north is problem at home. I can't afford a big house. Even such a small apartment of 40 square meters is a luxury, but it is no worse than a big house if decorated properly. Looking at this wave of design operations, kitchen console is used as a TV wall, and a 1000px cabinet wall is installed next to sofa wall. .

The size of house is small, and it is a type of house where you can see whole space at a glance. After renovation, it also has a sense of space, various partitions have appeared, and functional rooms are also independent.

To right of entrance is a bathroom, which is very small. The kitchen is set in an open plan. The operating table itself is a cabinet, and the background board is also made of solid wood. Directly used as a TV wall, which is creative and saves space.

This is a kitchen interior. The cabinets have straight white cabinets and terrazzo walls. The price is not expensive, and stickers are very stylish.

The closet behind sofa is very powerful. The closet is built right into wall and occupies a depth of 1000 pixels in living room. The top is a closed white cabinet and bottom is an open black bookcase. The black and white match is classic and atmospheric.

Give closet a panoramic view so you don't have to worry about house being small and messy. Are you still worried about having nowhere to store entire wall?

The space inside is a bedroom area. The passage outside looks like an open office. The closet along sofa wall is like a closet all way to top. The bedroom is divided into two parts, with a bed on one side. ., put table on one side, just right.

The space in bedroom is very limited, almost size of a bed, and end of bed has to be pushed to side, and there is also a closet that can be installed on top. nest is king.

The walls of bathroom and kitchen are same, they are all gray terrazzo walls, while white bathroom is more tidy and trendy. installing a shower curtain will not delay the function. This design is still very bad, isn't it?

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