After drying fragrance for one month, we moved in. Hard packing and materials cost 140,000 yuan. Neighbors praised high cost of visiting.

Bought a new high-rise building 108㎡. Got key right away. Finishing was ordered two months in advance. After receiving key, he immediately began to work. The decoration is done in a simple and beautiful style. Wang , TV wall is really beautiful and practical, and I can't wait to move in after it's only dried out for a month. Neighbors come to visit and praise high cost of performance, let's show it!

The TV wall is more than 3 meters long to create overall effect. The middle is painted green, there is a fireplace below it, and symmetrical shop windows on both sides. The effect is really beautiful, it does not look like a flower at all. For such a small amount of money.

The wall is entirely painted in mustard yellow and decorated with plaster lines of same color, effect is not uniform, but very beautiful. Pair it with a caramel leather sofa for a classy look.

No space is wasted in corner and a set of round nightstands can be placed which have a decorative effect and can also help with storage.

I really like decoration of balcony. The floor is covered with hexagonal tiles, also colorful and antique. It is combined with white built-in wardrobes. Neighbors praise this effect as most beautiful.

There is no special ceiling in restaurant, just a circle of gypsum lines that are widened, barn door is very strong, and thermal red is rarely used, which instantly creates an American retro effect.

The dining table and chairs are made of old solid wood, and walls are same as wall of sofa, they are all painted with mustard yellow latex paint, and then decorated with same color plaster lines, and decorated with decorative paintings, which are generous and beautiful .

The kitchen is a long space, floor is tiled in Scandinavian style, white I-shaped wall tiles match with green built-in cabinets, appearance of whole kitchen looks very high.

The master bedroom has a large floor-to-ceiling window, very good lighting and walls are also painted a retro green that matches tone of the entire American style bedroom and is very comfortable.

The second bedroom is much smaller, walls are painted green like master bedroom, blue-gray bed and bedside table are very stylish, in keeping with American color scheme. The effect is fully covered for 140,000 yuan, and I am very satisfied. I don't know if you think cost-effectiveness is very high?

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Bought a new high-rise building 108㎡. Got key right away. Finishing was ordered two months in advance. After receiving key, he immediately began to work. The decoration is done in a simple and beautiful style. Wang , TV wall is re...
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