A brand new home with four bedrooms and 350,000 tanning bags, a 3m walkway and a capacity comparable to a walk-in closet.

The new house I bought in Wuqing is a 172㎡ four-bedroom apartment. It has not only four rooms, but also a very spacious public space. The hard finish costs 350,000 yuan. The American effect is luxurious. , especially entrance. The passage is 3 meters long, and capacity of built-in wardrobe for shoes and hats is comparable to volume of a separate wardrobe.

The entrance is a passage three meters long. The floor is paved with antique diamond-shaped ceramic tiles and decorated with a circle of small colored tiles with waves and lines. The effect is also very beautiful. .

The upper and lower shoe cabinets are built with an entire wall on side. There is plenty of storage space, leaving room for a shoe bench. Even top is an open cabinet. Two storage baskets can also be used for storage, which is very practical.

The living room is 32㎡, and space is quite large. There is a circle of warm lamps with a false ceiling, and floor is covered with antique tiles in warm colors. Despite TV wall and sofa, walls do not have chic shapes, only brown ones look. The leather sofa has charm of an American retro.

Only gypsum wire frames are used in TV wall. Although simple, this effect does not affect vision and is also very attractive. The entire living room is well lit and does not seem empty at all.

The restaurant also has a balcony that is directly connected, and transparent north-south pattern makes entire space brighter. In dining room, American style dark solid wood dining tables and chairs stand straight up, style is simple but effect is very good.

The kitchen is equipped with U-shaped cabinets that are very spacious. The white cabinets match colorful square bricks and kitchen looks very tall.

The hard finish of master bedroom has no shape. The plaster line is circled. The wall is painted in beige tones, and color is shifted from top surface. Dark wooden furniture is designed in appropriate shade. .The bedroom looks very elegant.

The second bedroom has a smaller footprint, walls of several bedrooms are almost all painted beige, and fabric bedding is relatively soft, simple and inviting.

The hardcore kids room decor is also simple, with one side wall painted sky blue and other chalkboard blue, which is also a little heaven for kids to paint and write.

The study is also an independent space, but more practical. The bay window expands and turns directly into a single tatami bed. The storage space is very powerful. On one side there is a desk and four people. can work and study together.

The two bathrooms are separated wet and dry. The main bathroom has a separate shower room, while washbasin in second bathroom is located directly outside bathroom. Is it efficient?

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The new house I bought in Wuqing is a 172㎡ four-bedroom apartment. It has not only four rooms, but also a very spacious public space. The hard finish costs 350,000 yuan. The American effect is luxurious. , especially entrance. The...
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