A family of three lives in a strip apartment of 39 m² without buying a bed or a sofa, such a refurbishment is more practical.

It is better for interior design to turn a small apartment into a more practical one than to turn a large apartment into a more beautiful one, especially since it will be difficult for designers too, which is why there are some outrageous small apartment renovations. Let everyone admire or even learn from it. Today, this 39-square-meter striped apartment is considered a popular apartment. The small house can accommodate a family of three, and bed and sofa are not for sale. Such an incredible transformation is more practical!

First of all, I would like to show you situation before repair. It is not only chaotic, but also has a multi-level pattern. Although ceiling is high, it is a pity that it cannot be built.

This is layout of entire house type, which is a long strip of space. Renovation design drawings are sent out and big guys can also see actual overall concept of the refurbishment.

Behind door is dining room and kitchen space. The floor is paved with small tiles. The best thing for a small apartment is that such an open floor plan is more practical. There's a whole line of floor cabinets here, and there's plenty of storage space.

The booth is specially designed by restaurant, even if it has a small area of ​​1 square meter, this restaurant is not only warm, but also has a trendy appearance that is now popular.

The entire wall of kitchen is equipped with floor cabinets, even a refrigerator and a washing machine are installed.

The bathroom is behind a black-framed glass door on side of restaurant. The floor is same as kitchen, with small black and white tiles, and walls are plastered with small white brick. The shower curtain is drawn to separate dry and wet, and effect is also very good. .

The card seat sofa designed in living room has an expansion effect at bottom, and a floor lamp belt is installed, and even a bookcase is under card seat.

On other side is design of bed which is also a custom made tatami mat which has a deck like storage space underneath which is mainly used as a bookcase.

For everyone to see clearly, this is from very start of climbing stairs. The whole setup is an integrated wood cabinet and floor, and it is a design grafted onto floor.

The steps intended for stairs are all made of wood, and space left at bottom is a storage area where you can store books or items, such as a library, hidden under functional area.

The TV wall on other side has also been replaced by cabinets, which are small furniture suitable for small apartments and quite practical.

The only thing that can be called a bed is a small two-level side area with a single wrought-iron bed. The children's room is relatively independent and clean.

The checkerboard level space was also designed. A lacquer board for school board was installed as a partition, and a simple storage partition was installed under window sill as a writing desk. Although it is compact, I must say, that this design is really good. He's against sky, what do you think?

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