Insist not to buy a bed, this set of 38㎡ small nest is in background of sky, the whole bedroom is a platform!

A few days ago, an old apartment building of 38 square meters was installed, which a friend bought. She was worried that there wouldn't be enough space in small house for her to leave, but she didn't expect her to insist on not buying a bed when buying furniture. All bedrooms are platforms, bed is a wooden kang, and bottom is a closet with high bed storage. This vault defies skies!

The door opens to an open kitchen and dining area. In corner kitchen, cabinets are made from logs and countertops are all white. Cleaning is just an emotional bar. The dining table is hidden in kitchen workspace, which is warmer.

On other side, there are refrigerators and small cabinets, and you can also place kitchen appliances such as microwaves and rice cookers.

When you enter bedroom, there are wardrobes and then wardrobes on both sides of aisle, and then floor is installed, and solid wood sliding door on side is bathroom.

This is entire bedroom, and entire color is relatively dark. This color makes whole bedroom full of laziness. The bed is not mobile, it is installed directly in box for bed.

This is storage space under bed, and large drawers can store a lot of things.

The floor of rest of bedroom is a basement-like hidden storage where bedding and bedding can be stored underneath.

It is said to be a platform and there are many solid wood cabinets all way to top. On side there is a place to create an independent small office. The function of the whole bedroom is perfect.

Open wooden door of passage and you will see bathroom. To unify whole style, wall and floor tiles are completely black and gray matte tiles. The black and white color combination of the white bathroom is very classic and trendy.

The shower area is also specially installed with a piece of glass as a partition that only takes up half of space. Sliding space is indeed not allowed, but such a dry and wet separation scheme is sufficient. This small apartment is very powerful?

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