143㎡ American-style four bedrooms, whole house is custom-made solid wood furniture, budget is over 80,000, is it worth it?

Bought this new 143m² four bedroom house in Wuqing, Tianjin late last year. It was 80,000 yuan in total and my friends comforted me by saying it looks like a big villa but I still want to ask big guys is it worth it?

When I walked in door, I set up a built-in solid wood shoe cabinet. The walls are painted in light beige-gray, which is slightly different from white. Looks more worrisome. The whole room is made of solid wood furniture.

Sofas in living room - all sofas are made of beige fabric, there is no particularly complex pattern on walls, they are simply wrapped in plaster, elegant and simple.

The TV wall is also decorated with only plaster lines. A set of cabinets and TVs are placed on a simple wall. It's simple and elegant, and it's more attractive than complicated shapes.

The dining room and living room have same decorative effect: solid wood dining table and chairs, retro style ceiling lights, and even sliding door leading to kitchen is made from old solid wood frames.

The master bedroom is very simple, all built-in wardrobes are made of solid wood, and top surface is decorated with a circle of plaster lines, which is very atmospheric!

The second bedroom has same furniture as master bedroom, with a solid wood wardrobe up to top and a solid wood bed. Although the location is more compact, it is warmer.

The other small bedroom is much smaller and may only have one bedside table. A bay window is also used and it is covered with pillows. The olive green room is so fresh.

The space leading to children's room has been converted into a room within a room, with outside being used as a study area and inside being a spacious children's play area that kids love.

The kitchen is equipped with U-shaped cabinets, all solid wood doors, and color tone is also retro and atmospheric American style, which is very stylish.

The bathroom is set in a dry and wet layout, with glass sliding doors as room dividers and custom style bathroom cabinets. The bathroom has not only toilets, but also squat toilets in shower, which is very convenient. Is it worth it to spend so much money on repairs?

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Bought this new 143m² four bedroom house in Wuqing, Tianjin late last year. It was 80,000 yuan in total and my friends comforted me by saying it looks like a big villa but I still want to ask big guys is it worth it? When I walke...
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