After 6 years of hard work, I said goodbye to renting a house, and two-bedroom house of 89 m2 is decorated in a simple style, which is also very beautiful. Show off results!

Leaving your hometown and working hard in a big city outside of city is a real stress. Even marriage is renting a house. The two of them worked hard for 6 years before they were able to make a down payment in exchange for it. 89㎡ new house with two bedrooms. The finish is as good as it gets. Simplicity, simulation cost is very low, but effect is very good. Previously, simple style did not look beautiful, it is too ordinary, I did not expect finished product to be so beautiful, I will show you result!

The living room is decorated with ebony lines that are very subtle and very atmospheric with white walls. In fact, cost is very low, but the effect is quite high.

The background wall of sofa is same as false ceiling, and frame is decorated with ebony lines, which have same effect as stucco lines but look more stylish than gypsum lines.

The dining table and chairs are very trendy. Dining tables are all made of marble. Countertops are directly polished marble countertops.

The kitchen area is small, and square space is simply built into overall U-shaped cabinet, I'm afraid that there will be greasy smoke, and I deliberately use a built-in stove.

All walls in master bedroom are painted in milk tea color and bed is also simple in style but looks more comfortable. The bay window has also been laid out in a tatami style, which is both practical and beautiful.

The size of children's room is small, this is a room for children. We used to live in same room with us, which was very inconvenient. Now that we've bought a new house, we finally have our own room. with combined tatami cabinet. , tables, bookcases, wardrobes and beds are all included and there are enough functions.

The bathroom itself has a dry and wet separation scheme. The bathroom cabinet is installed directly outside bathroom, and a set of partitions is specially installed inside to separate dry and wet water. Such careful separation makes bathroom more practical!

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Leaving your hometown and working hard in a big city outside of city is a real stress. Even marriage is renting a house. The two of them worked hard for 6 years before they were able to make a down payment in exchange for it. 89㎡ ...
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