The new house of 118 square meters is cleaned and dried, and relatives rejoice when secondary plumbing is squatting!

I just had a baby last year and I'm usually busy with work. It's really not good when there is no one to take care of child. The house is small and I thought about moving to a bigger house. house later, and live with my father-in-law and mother-in-law. This is perfect solution to problem. The new house I bought is 118 square meters with three bedrooms, walls of hallway and dining room are covered with ceramic tiles, these two places most often stain walls. Now that it's washed and dried, relatives are visiting and they're happy to see sit-down toilet in second bathroom: it's really nostalgia for past!

The entrance hall is quite spacious, walls are tiled with marble patterns, and ceiling is specially decorated, upon entering it seems majestic and stylish, in contrast to house of only 118 square meters.

The living room also has a false ceiling and is matched with a beige suede sofa. The space is not small, but design is relatively compact.

The TV wall is also a cabinet-like wall. The top cabinet, side cabinet and TV cabinet have a decorative effect. In fact, storage space is quite good.

There is no special connection between living room and balcony. The Duobaoge cabinet set is installed through opening in middle. The lower one is a closed cabinet with a cabinet door, and upper one is a pass-through cabinet that does not affect lighting and you can put some crafts.

Looking at dining room and kitchen from living room, dining room and kitchen are relatively independent and separated by glass sliding doors. The false ceiling looks more luxurious than living room.

This is a restaurant. The dark solid wood dining table and chairs can still be opened. This is usually what family eats. When friends and relatives come, they can be opened. 8 people can fit without problems.

The kitchen is equipped with overall U-shaped cabinets. The wall tiles are same as at entrance to dining room. This is a white marble tile. Milky white lacquer cabinets are a little calculated.

The master bedroom is not very spacious, it has a stylish and minimalistic upholstered bed, linens and fabrics are not yet ready, so you have to wait for smell to dry before you check out.

Although the child is still small, he has already prepared a separate room, and guests can stay here when they come.

This is mother-in-law's room, bed is relatively soft, and there is a whole wall of wardrobes, so you don't have to worry about storage space.

The main bathroom is very small, with a washbasin and a toilet, it does not have a special shower room, and there is too little space for it.

Ziwei - perseverance of the mother-in-law. I'm used to this kind of squatting. I even built a platform to pretend to be squatting. Even relatives will be flooded with memories when they see this. It's fun to watch this!

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