It cost 150,000 yuan for a 137㎡ hard finish, and furniture leaves a lot to be desired after cleaning. The more you look at setting up whole house, more satisfied you are

The new house I bought is a 137 square meter house with three bedrooms and it was a hassle to finish. I immediately found an all inclusive company that covered all hard packing and repairs. The contract amount was 150,000 yuan. There are several large pieces of furniture and bespoke cabinets throughout house are getting more and more satisfied more I look at them, neighbors are shocked at the effect!

When you enter door there is a closet on veranda. The walls are all painted with latex paint. There is no special finish for wallpaper. It is simple and elegant, and looks very bright.

Not to mention, I actually found right person to set up these cabinets. I am very satisfied with type that can be installed as a built-in wardrobe without wasting space.

If you look at closet from side, it's just that doorway of passage is thickened. It's really nice to look into such a built-in closet.

The overall cabinets in the kitchen are full-fledged blue-gray. If you install such cabinets in a Scandinavian style or a simple and beautiful style, then it will go into a retro and high-end sense. It's not rhythmic, but really beautiful.

The TV wall in the living room is also simple, hand-painted, majestic and atmospheric. Looking at this banana leaf illustration, there is an indescribable feeling of relaxation and relaxation.

The effect of three bedrooms is same, with all latex painted walls, white built-in wardrobes and log floors. The effect is elegant and indescribably pure.

The second bedroom is a little smaller, but lighting is good, wardrobes are all custom-made, only thing missing is a comfortable bed.

The children's room has become a little more lively, wall has changed from gray to a slightly lively sky blue, change in color tone and shape of chandelier made room recognizable and filled with childishness.

The bathroom is done in a classic black and white color scheme and even bathroom cabinets are custom made together. Black Chinese marble top installed. Looks very good, clean and fashionable. The finish really matches look of bathroom. Home in my heart I am very satisfied!

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