My cousin just moved into her new house last week and 86㎡ all inclusive cost 50,000 yuan. It really looks like a rented house in Sibai.

The condition of my cousin's house is not very good, and over past few years I have made a lot of money by setting up a breakfast kiosk. Last year I bought an 86 sq. Children go to school. , decoration did not cost a lot of money, and whole package cost 50,000 yuan. Of course, price and effect are directly proportional.

There is almost no form in hard finish. Latex paint in house is rolled by brother-in-law himself. If you do not look closely, then bad lines are still not visible. A set of slanting shoe cabinets is placed at entrance, and a set of entrance cabinets is specially placed, which have a locking effect and can also be storage.

This set of shoe cabinets was purchased from a ready-made store. It is relatively thin and does not take up much space. Very practical.

In order to make house look better, TV wall was specially designed, painted in blue tones, and then decorated with drywall. If not for decoration of TV wall, this would really be a full-fledged rental house.

A small space is used as a balcony, washing machine is simply placed here, and washer and dryer are all there.

Because my cousin loves to cook, kitchen is center of attention. I think most fashionable thing is decoration of kitchen. The whole cabinet is equipped with UV varnish doors, and color and finish is very fashionable. .

The master bedroom has a corner bay window, original railings have not been removed, space isn't too big, and the wardrobes are all ready-made, not expensive.

All furniture is finished products. The TV cabinet and dressing table in master bedroom are integrated, which is very practical.

There is also a bay window in children's room. For safety reasons, railing has not yet been removed. The crib and bookcase are simple styles and price is not high, but also very enviable. Look at end, I worked hard to get it home.

The toilet is small and all families I've seen before have installed toilets that are trendy and easy to use, but my cousin said that squatting toilets are cleaner and more hygienic and I'm used to it. This effect is really the standard for decorating a rental home, don't you think?

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