Explosive renovation of an old house 25㎡, with an attic on a flat floor, an office, a bedroom and a wardrobe, everything is super!

This is an old house located in Shanghai. The area of ​​the house is only 25 square meters, and it is only a flat floor, but after finishing, effect is very good. kitchen, dining room and small living room have everything you would expect, it's almost a complete home space, amazing!

The old house itself is such an old one-story house. The entrance with its own courtyard, which is shared with other families, but it has a small part of itself, same as entrance of many families today.

The size of house is more important. The bathroom is located on right side of entrance. It is installed in a dry and wet layout, and every centimeter of space is used. In fact, aisle at entrance is smaller with more than 600 square meters, and there is also a set of sinks on cabinet, and there is no waste for washbasin and refrigerator in opposite space.

There is a shower room inside, separated by a shower curtain, in fact shower room is less than half a square meter, which is quite enough for family use.

The kitchen, one might say, is size of a palm. I have never seen such a small kitchen. The total cabinet height is only 1.5 meters. It is very compact, but does not look dirty at all.

A piece of wood extending from edge of kitchen is used as a bar counter, which is operating table of kitchen, bar counter and dining room. In fact the entire kitchen and dining area is less than 2 square meters.

The kitchen and bathroom outside and living room and bedroom inside are separated by black glass sliding doors. Such a small corner is equipped with built-in bookcases and a set of single sofas. This is living room and reading area. region.

Not to mention basking in sun during day and reading a book in this corner at night, not to mention how nice it is.

The space inside is a combination of all rooms: an attic, an office, a wardrobe and a bedroom are designed here.

The space of lower office is not small. There are workbenches on three sides, and a chair is placed in middle. The two-layer partition is used as a bookcase, beautiful and roomy. There is a step under stairwell.

The whole space upstairs is bedroom, tatami bed itself, to be honest, whole bedroom is bed, and sleeping in this way will be very comfortable.

The wall of stairs on opposite side of sofa is painted with a chalkboard wall so you can draw graffiti on it. Actually, a TV can be installed too, but I don't usually have a habit of watching TV. Graffiti like this one is more literary and pleasing. How about this kind of ant house renovation, do you accept it?

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This is an old house located in Shanghai. The area of ​​the house is only 25 square meters, and it is only a flat floor, but after finishing, effect is very good. kitchen, dining room and small living room have everything you woul...
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