The 119-meter American-style industrial style, fully installed wood-beamed ceiling is so luxurious that neighbors saw it and straight up said it was too ornate!

The new house I bought is a three-room apartment with an area of ​​119 square meters. My wife has been saying for a long time that I like American industrial style. I originally wanted to make it cleaner, but layout at back is a little more fashionable. Especially dining room and living room in entrance are all hung with wooden beams and ceilings. It looks so rich, neighbors came to visit and directly said that they were rich and headstrong, too rich!

The main color is azure blue. Entrance - dining room and living room. The ceiling is all dark wood beams and then retro American style chandeliers are installed. The effect looks more atmospheric.

The dining room is also a curved bar counter, which is very individual. All walls from floor to wall. Such a wall panel has a decorative effect, and wall can also play a protective role. The ground is completely self leveling which creates a very tough industrial atmosphere.

The background walls of sofa are painted with azure blue latex paint. One wall of dining room and living room is floor and other wall is blue latex paint. It only needs to be adorned with a few American-style embellishments and it will become stylish in no time.

This living room space is intended mainly for relaxation, and a wall with a TV is optional. Installing a TV can also set off atmosphere. In addition, it is very relaxing and convenient to use as a meeting area without a TV.

The hard finish of master bedroom is very simple. The background walls are covered with American-style graffiti wallpaper. In addition to creating tatami booths, bay windows also make use of space on both sides. The storage cabinets are very retro.

A very industrial style office, with bare concrete walls, bookshelves with installed dividers, and metal plumbing pipes that are especially stylish. This industrial style book table creates a very IT gaming studio.

The children's room is bunk and bunk, and wall is also covered with graffiti cartoon wallpaper. With mother-in-law's grass green bed, tone is instantly cute, and soft tone makes child's life more comfortable.

The bathroom is more urban, walls are old wall bricks, even masonry washbasin is paved with same tiles, very retro, floor is paved with black and white checkerboard tiles, whole space is classic and elegant fashion!

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