Decorate an American style room saving 8000 design fees and effect is even better than model room!

The new house I bought is exactly same as reference room in community. Decoration is too light. I just love same American style as model room. I just decorate it according to dress, which directly saves 8000 on design fees. The furniture is better than model. The room looks good, these bills are too loud!

The entrance hall is equipped with upper and lower shoe cabinets. On either side of entrance is living room, and on other side is dining room and kitchen. The living room is very atmospheric. The walls are painted sky blue. The color matching is based on model of room furniture is in. Not same, background wall of sofa is decorated with white gypsum lines, which looks luxurious and luxurious.

The sofa is American style with oiled waxed leather, which looks more atmospheric than beige fabric sofa in model room. This American style is richer and looks more elite.

The TV wall is completely copied from model room, with sconces decorated with plaster lines on both sides, and a hard coffee-colored bag in middle. The color tone is slightly lighter, which looks warmer than on wall. model number.

The dining room is made directly from dark solid wood dining tables and chairs, and separate dining space is also very warm. The ceiling and wall decorations are similar to living room, and class is not low.

There is a white-framed glass sliding door between dining room and kitchen. Natural light from both sides merges into each other. Combined with light from balcony in living room, it can be said that whole room is transparent from north to south, very bright and generous.

The master bedroom has a small bay window, and marble countertop also doubles as a platform for relaxing. The bed is same as sofa, and it is a matching oil-wax leather sofa. Solid wood base looks more stylish. Even if ceiling is not installed, space is also elegant and warm.

The second bedroom is a children's room. The wallpaper on wall is specially matched to sailing wallpaper. In beginning, I wanted to be same as model room. I ordered a blue children's bed, and then children chose green tones, which are more child-friendly.

The study is simplest, with almost no other decorations, except for ceiling. Bookcases and desks are all finished products. Such an independent space is quiet and harmonious, suitable for office and study.

The bathroom is not bad, it has a separation scheme for dry and wet. The sink is just behind bathtub, and a glass shower has been purposely installed inside. Careful separation of dry and wet makes the bathroom more tidy and atmospheric. .

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The new house I bought is exactly same as reference room in community. Decoration is too light. I just love same American style as model room. I just decorate it according to dress, which directly saves 8000 on design fees. The fu...
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