The hard decoration of a small three-room apartment 87㎡ did not have time to install furniture, and neighbors who arrived were in an endless stream

The new house is a high-rise apartment with a small area and large common space, but building area of ​​87 m2 also has a three-room layout, space is very compact, and it is hard to be furnished in a fashionable high-end gray Scandinavian style. The construction has just been completed, and furniture is not ready yet. There is an endless stream of visiting neighbors, and they are almost bursting on threshold!

The design of sofa wall and ceiling is more powerful, which is also designer's idea. A two-level ceiling is directly installed, and light strip is hidden at back. This effect is much more beautiful than spotlights. or ceiling lights.

The sofa and fabrics in living room are already arranged, background wall of sofa is painted in gray tones, and handicraft paintings are specially hung, which is very expensive.

The height of upper floors is quite limited, so there are no special decorations on ceiling. Dining tables and chairs are made from solid dark wood and all chandeliers are fitted with fan lights. still very popular in past two years.

The tiles on floor are big brand antique tiles, paving is also very neat and effect is not bad. The background wall of restaurant is also quite interesting: after it was decorated with plaster lines, several plates were hung, which creates an American-style mix and match effect.

The bed in master bedroom has arrived. The bed and dressing table only arrived in afternoon. The dark solid wood bed matches light wood floor and the space is still very fresh.

At night, they mostly clean up, but curtains and fabrics in store will not be immediately higher?

With a small three-bedroom apartment of 87 sqm, you can't expect much space. This is a small study of only less than 5 square meters, but after placing table, sofas can be placed behind it.

The children's rooms are all painted sky blue, which is relatively light. The beds are arranged in bunk beds, but they haven't arrived yet. Such empty rooms are full of warmth.

As soon as curtain cushions are placed on bay window, effect is immediately enhanced. The effect is already very good at night and even brighter during day. Neighbors all praise!

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