I spent all my money to buy a house in Shenzhen and spent 300,000 yuan on decoration. The marble TV wall and the metal partition are really amazing.

I stayed in Shenzhen after graduating from university. I rented a house when I got married and started a family. After 8 years, I bought a house and settled in Shenzhen with my own savings and support of both parents. The house is small, its area is 98 square meters. The living room is suitable for a family of three. Although decoration is simple, but also beautiful. The cost is 300,000 yuan. The TV wall is made of marble, and entrance hall is equipped with a metal partition.

Decoration should be simple and elegant. The shape of ceiling is simple and elegant, and all partitions are made of brass metal partitions. In fact, metal partitions are more suitable for installation in a home or in a post-modern style. This simple style decoration is still beautiful.

The house itself is quite spacious and bright, living room and dining room are connected together, gray fabric sofa is still very atmospheric, and background wall is decorated with a simple and elegant painting.

Because decoration of living room and dining room is relatively simple, it looks very spacious, clean and tidy, not only has good lighting, but this design is very suitable for home, simple and elegant.

All TV walls are made of natural marble. The white texture goes very well with whole style. The background of sconce is specially decorated with a metal frame. The hanging TV cabinet is installed at bottom, which is space-saving, practical and beautiful.

The opposite of living room is dining room. The dining table and chairs are very simple with a combined deck design. The deck background wall is also an exquisite wine cabinet design. Mirror surface and wood finish is more elegant.

The balcony adjoining kitchen has also been opened up, installed in a corner pattern, L-shaped built-in wardrobes are installed, built-in space on side is reserved, and kitchen appliances such as ovens and microwaves are also complete.

The master bedroom extends effect of entire living room. Finishing ceiling or walls is also very simple. Grey-white bedding and curtain fabrics make it warm and full of comfort.

The second bedroom is for children. To make most of space, I specifically bought a loft bed like this. There are bookcases and cupboards downstairs and a bed upstairs. full, overall bedroom is not too cramped. Looking at it Quite spacious and comfortable!

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