Visit light luxury model room in community, master bedroom bathroom has been converted into a walk-in closet, much more practical than bathroom.

Looking at a 100 square meter apartment in community, a three bedroom apartment, master bedroom also has a bathroom. A visit to model room of same apartment got idea. The simple style effect is very light and luxurious, especially bathroom in master bedroom. It has been converted into a dressing room, which is much more practical than multiple bathrooms, and location of two bathrooms can be used as a reference!

The ceiling of living room is not only equipped with light strips, but also lamps are installed below. Even if there is no main light source, entire living room looks bright and spacious, and looks very luxurious.

Looking into living area from dining room, TV wall is made of light coffee colored hardcover, and spotlights mounted on top surface look beautiful when lit. , This kind of down will feel right at home.

The furniture in model room is also very nice and color scheme is very well chosen. Otherwise, this simple linen fabric sofa can look luxurious and luxurious.

On side of living room there is an office with glass doors, entire back wall is occupied by bookcases, closed cabinets at top and bottom, and a display case in middle, which is much more convenient for classification and storage.

The master bedroom has an en-suite, in fact, there is plenty of room for a closet at end of bed, so bathroom turns into a walk-in closet and bedroom looks much more spacious.

The children's room is also decorated with soft finish, there is no pattern on hard finish, walls are painted white directly, but soft finish is placed on cloth, bookcase, bedside table, bed cloth, frosted princess feeling everywhere.

After changing wardrobe, there was only one bathroom left. The bath and shower are combined, and there is also a set of shower curtains away from dry and wet separation. If this is my house, then it is more practical to install a shower screen. What do you think? Cloth?

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Looking at a 100 square meter apartment in community, a three bedroom apartment, master bedroom also has a bathroom. A visit to model room of same apartment got idea. The simple style effect is very light and luxurious, especially...
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