The decorating team is introduced to familiar, design is based on experience of workers, and effect is comparable to a design fee of 10,000 yuan!

I bought a small 64㎡ two-bedroom used house as a wedding home. The house is small and I don't have much experience in decorating. Without saying a word, my colleague introduced decoration team leader who installed it before. There is no designer, and decoration design is completed. Based on experience of workers, completion effect is comparable to a design fee of 10,000 yuan. After all, it is a master, which has been decorating for over 10 years, cool!

The entrance hall is relatively small, house is also decorated in black and white Scandinavian style. The shoe cabinet is made in a subtle IKEA style. To left is a black framed glass sliding door and inside is a kitchen. .

The size of house is small, and layout is very compact. The decorator arranged space in advance, water and electricity were changed according to layout. The sockets and lighting are very convenient.

Despite fact that wall with TV is very small, it is also decorated with hard bags, which is very atmospheric. Downstairs is a set of TV cabinets, which is also very western. Lighting fixtures are installed on top, and lighting atmosphere is very warm.

The dining table and chairs are placed by window. The house is small, but lighting is all right. The dining table and chairs are directly bought in fashion and mini style. Using it as a workbench is not a problem. when you don't eat.

The kitchen is not large, it is equipped with U-shaped overall cabinets, walls are all windows, and it is not realistic to install wall cabinets, so storage space is all on floor cabinets, but this is enough, tiles on floor really attract attention.

Despite having two bedrooms, dimensions of two bedrooms are small. The master bedroom is fully wallpapered in warm colors and has a row of wardrobes on side, a combination of wardrobes and bookshelves, which has a sense of design.

The second bedroom is even smaller and currently unoccupied, but has wardrobes and beds, so it will be more convenient to use as a children's or guest bedroom in future.

The design of bathroom was made at suggestion of finishing master. Initially, I really did not plan to install a shower room. The space is small, but fitter said that there are showers in other sizes. Such a diamond-shaped shower can be installed with an area of ​​​​more than 4㎡ The bathroom also creates effect of dry and wet separation, and washing machine is not afraid to get wet when installed, which is really amazing !

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