120,000 packs, 122㎡ three Nordic-style bedrooms, cement background wall is full of personality, and all girlfriends praise the foreign style!

The decoration of new house includes all inclusive. Three-bedroom house of 122 m² is decorated in a Scandinavian style. From rough to hard finish, it cost about 120,000 yuan. The completion effect is quite satisfactory. The cement wall is used as a TV wall and restaurant background wall Full of personality, even my girlfriends came to visit and praised that effect is very foreign, let's show!

On right side of entrance is a porch cabinet structure. The background board is a log wall panel itself, and a log shoe cabinet is designed with it.

The dining room is made from logs and walls are painted directly white. In middle of background wall of restaurant, a concrete wall is deliberately left and then decorated with pendants and clocks. The Scandinavian style is obvious.

Looking at overall effect of dining room and kitchen from living room, north and south are transparent and lighting is still very good.

A noble gray fabric sofa for two, with a seating area on one side and a table on the other, looks good as a living room for storing things, and it is also very practical to put books in a basket or remote control.

This is overall effect of living room. The TV wall is same as in dining room, leaving a bare concrete wall that is full of personality. Few people will use this design, and even girlfriends praise effect as very foreign.

The background wall of master bedroom is painted in blue-gray, two decorative paintings hang on it, effect is elegant and atmospheric, bay window is not specially decorated.

The wardrobes in master bedroom are also custom made. Three-leaf sliding doors are installed, which are shaped like a grid of nine squares, and look is really quite designer.

The design of second bedroom is similar to that of master bedroom, except that area is slightly smaller and design of study is more innovative. As a whole, tatami mat, bed, wardrobe and bookcase are directly designed as a whole, and only a writing desk is placed in middle. Whether this room is used separately as an office or a bedroom, it can be switched at will.

The bathroom is equipped with double bathroom cabinets. Outside bathroom there is a set of washbasins, and inside there is a specially installed set of small cabinets with one sink, which can also be used for washing. be crowded when you get up early. separate shower room installed. create effect of dry and wet separation, and don't worry about closet getting wet.

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The decoration of new house includes all inclusive. Three-bedroom house of 122 m² is decorated in a Scandinavian style. From rough to hard finish, it cost about 120,000 yuan. The completion effect is quite satisfactory. The cement...
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