My husband installed a zigzag ceiling in living room, it seemed old-fashioned and ugly to me, but neighbors rated it as very effective

I bought a three-room apartment with an area of ​​118 sq.m. Usually I am busy with work, and my husband has a little more freedom in his work, so he took care of all finishes. He spent a lot of money, and whole house was installed with a false ceiling. It is still so old-fashioned. Back-shaped back-lit ceiling, I thought it would be tasteless and ugly, but I did not expect neighbors to praise it when it was completed. Is it really beautiful?

The layout of house is not bad, transparent enough, upper and lower shoe cabinets are installed at entrance, stretch ceilings are installed in dining room and living room, and not only light strips are hidden, but ceiling lights are also installed, lighting is very good, and whole house looks lighter.

The background wall of sofa is also decorated with cultural bricks, and shape is specially made of drywall. You can hang decorative pictures quite qualitatively. I like TV wall most. Four circles are cabinets, and in middle is a TV, beautiful and functional.

There is no false ceiling in master bedroom, walls are painted in milk tea color, and background of bed is specially covered with light gold wallpaper. still very elegant and comfortable.

The second bedroom is a bit smaller, background wall is also papered, there are plenty of lockers, and features are still very complete.

The remaining hut was originally intended to be an office. Husband wanted it to be more practical. It was painted sky blue and then made into a set of tatami beds. The size is too small, and it does not put off study and bedroom. It is very practical. .

The kitchen has a small balcony and outside is used as a place for washing and drying. The cabinets inside are a set of straight cabinets. White cabinets and white countertops are fresh and spacious and look good.

There are two bathrooms, both of same size, second bathroom is equipped with squatting toilets, there is relatively little space, there is no separation between dry and wet, water in shower is also fast. Simple yet durable.

Also, an open-air terrace is attached to house, and it is not allowed to close it here, it is not properly looked after, but a rocky pool and a small flower bed have been installed. I plan to install swings and pavilions later, which can also be used as shelter from wind and rain. The functional area is also comfortable, what do you think?

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I bought a three-room apartment with an area of ​​118 sq.m. Usually I am busy with work, and my husband has a little more freedom in his work, so he took care of all finishes. He spent a lot of money, and whole house was installed...
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