It's not that bay window's wife also built two rows of booths, and neighbors imitated what they did not claim!

The layout of new house that I bought is not very successful, there is no bay window or balcony, my wife does not know where to read photos from Internet, I download them and save them to my mobile phone, One row, one row of study rooms, neighbors who have completed work visit, and neighbors who have not started decorating should imitate and dress up!

I originally wanted to install in an American style, so set included all dark lacquered wood doors. In later finishes, I didn't stick to retro and atmospheric tones, but they were more lively.

The living room is not too big, it has neither a balcony nor a bay window, decoration of house is mostly practical, not only TV wall is turned into a cabinet for storing things, but even a row of cardholders is arranged under windowsill as a place for storage. The sofa is so practical .

The kitchen adjoins entrance and floor is covered with retro tiles in different colors, with tiles installed in middle as a door stone. The upper and lower shoe racks are very narrow on side, and place for refrigerator is just right.

The cabinets in kitchen are in a row. Since windows are located on side, walls are used inefficiently. Only a set of countertops can be placed as storage space, which can be used to place microwaves or rice cookers. and like are also very practical.

After kitchen enters, it's a public space. Open floor plan and multiple spaces interconnected. Building a closed bedroom is a little unreliable, so you have to make an office out of it. The window sill is also used., played a number of booths, more than enough to be used as a sofa.

Who said bay windows or tatami mats should be used for practical reasons? Isn't this design better?

Next is master bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is very small and this also creates a separation scheme between dry and wet air. The washbasin is installed outside, so you don't have to reach for toilet when you wake up early, which is very convenient. While it's very common, there are still a lot of things to learn from, don't you think?

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The layout of new house that I bought is not very successful, there is no bay window or balcony, my wife does not know where to read photos from Internet, I download them and save them to my mobile phone, One row, one row of study...
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