The 59 m2 minimalist Scandinavian style can accommodate a family of three in a one bedroom apartment. The big and small beds are very witty!

I've been living in a rented house for past few years, and I only started planning to buy a house last year. This large 59 square meter one bedroom home is a second hand home in its own right. is in poor condition and has been vacant for two years now. I don't plan to spend too much money on decoration so the layout has not changed. The studio is still maintained and is done in a minimalist scandinavian style that looks fresh and cozy. The bedroom has a large bed and a small bed, and a family of three can live happily!

In addition to a thin shoe cabinet in hallway, on other hand, with a partition at bottom, there is a set of shoe cabinets, on which it is convenient to place slippers.

The shoe cabinet is placed against wall, and wall is a little decorated, monotonous wall immediately becomes plump, whole veranda looks filled with vitality, and when you enter door you feel homely warmth.

The dining room and living room are combined, there is a balcony. Judging by original lighting, not bad. There is a bright pool on upper surface, and lamps are installed under ceiling. light source is very good, interior looks very spacious.

In fact, finishing means whitewashing walls and laying floor, only thing that has moved is installation of a series of stretch ceilings in upper part of living room, rest has hardly moved. To be more practical, dining room is also installed as a card seat against wall, which can be used as a storage dining chair, which is very convenient.

The TV wall is more convenient. The projector and screen are directly installed, so it is convenient to watch TV and movies. Now cost of buying a TV is almost same. In era of intelligence, it is more convenient to watch on big screen.

The kitchen is also black and white, with white cabinets and a direct-attached washing machine. The countertop is custom-fitted with Chinese black marble, paired with black hardware.

There is only one bedroom. Fortunately, place is not so small. With a large bed and a small bed next to it, a family can live. Living in your own home, feeling of happiness overwhelms.

The child is still small and not suited to sleeping alone, and may gradually adjust as conditions arise in future. The barn door is installed directly in wardrobe and clothes are neatly stored inside and are especially neat and clean when door is closed.

The tiles in bathroom are same as those in kitchen. All small white tiles. The white bathroom is combined with black fittings. Like kitchen, it is refined and durable.

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