The minimalistic wedding hall of 82 sq.m is ready, color scheme is festive and appropriate for occasion, even cabinets are bright red!

The wedding house was bought by two families, so when we applied for a real estate certificate, both of our names were written on it. Decoration was also discussed together. The mother-in-law also came up with a lot of ideas. The simple style looks very fashionable, especially color scheme, which is mainly gray-red, which is festive and suitable for occasion. It is not as gaudy as they say, even cabinets are all red, and effect is amazing!

The wardrobe on veranda is made of acrylic, white acrylic tabletop can be used as a bar counter, and beaded curtain hanging from above is used as a soft partition. The sofas are all bright red, which is very fitting for occasion.

The design of TV wall is still very simple, it is simply painted with coffee-colored latex paint, and top surface is specially hung. The TV cabinet is same as hallway, both tops are acrylic, and it's easy to care for when paired with a white cabinet. , wipe.

This is overall effect of living room. The ceiling lamp is also made in crystal style. There is not much light effect. He is beautiful on his own. It is very bright when turned on at night.

The bathroom is also separated from wet and dry. The sink is outside and TV wall is a bit short so you can't see bathroom door. replace at any time when you get tired, which is very convenient.

Although bathroom does not have a separate shower and glass partition, water-retaining edge and shower curtain rod are reserved, and effect of installing a shower curtain to separate dry and wet is also good.

The restaurant occupies a small space. The background wall is covered with black wallpaper with a pattern, which is very cool. In middle is a set of white acrylic storage tables. The black and white color scheme is classic and trendy.

The coolest black and red color scheme in kitchen is staged. The walls are covered in large black mosaic tiles, and custom-made large red cabinets with UV lacquer are classic and beautiful. Who dares to say that this color scheme is gaudy?

The master bedroom is wedding bedroom and color scheme is always festive. Not only is background wall done in a passionate red background with black textured wallpaper, but even curtains are done in a wine red style that is warm and romantic. This is right way for wedding hall. Open way, right?

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