Shelves are used as shoe racks in hallway, and tatami mats are installed in children's room. Who has seen such a Nordic design?

At present, young people decorate their new homes in any fashionable and popular way. For example, this 89 sq. cupboards and barn doors., tatami cabinet, tatami floor of bed, everything is ready, shoe cabinet in key entrance has been replaced with a large shelf, have you seen it?

This is entrance to door. The passage is not very spacious, and there is a barn door on one side that can save space when pushing and pulling. On other side is a large shelf. Such a hollow shelf is very cheap, but Scandinavian style itself is a sloppy and lazy design style, isn't it?

Take a different angle on overall effect of shoe rack in living room. It is filled with same cardboard boxes. This full wall shoe rack can store four seasons shoes neatly, or can also be used as a partition between entrance and living room.

The house is small, so whole space is still very compact. There is no TV in living room, so few people watch TV now. The light gray fabric sofa looks especially stylish.

The entire kitchen is open plan. To make most of space, cabinets are also U-shaped. There is even a breakfast bar, and storage space is not a problem. Even bar wall is not placed. However, cup holder is installed.

It's even easier in dining room. The background wall is decorated with only a few multi-colored plates. Although space is small, it is still very transparent. It's more practical.

The living room itself is a dark hall, and balcony is not visible. The living room space is borrowed to create an open study. Not only can it be used for study and study, but tatami bed overall can also serve as a separate bedroom.

The color scheme of master bedroom is a bit lazy and casual. The background walls are all painted light gray and matched with khaki fabric bed linens to create a warm and comfortable feel. This balcony also has a washing machine. as a multifunctional life The space is amazing.

The design of children's room is still strong, and children themselves like feeling of stairs, so this tatami floor bed is more like a nursery, and children like it more.

The bathroom area is small, but privacy is strong enough. It does not have a special division into dry and wet parts. Installing a shower curtain also has same effect. The space on side of the toilet is not saved. Put a set of shelves and stairs that are used as towel racks, stylish and practical, very interesting!

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At present, young people decorate their new homes in any fashionable and popular way. For example, this 89 sq. cupboards and barn doors., tatami cabinet, tatami floor of bed, everything is ready, shoe cabinet in key entrance has b...
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