It cost 600,000 yuan to visit new 159㎡ Chinese style model room, effect is elegant and stylish!

In home furniture industry, most people like popular Nordic style, simple and beautiful style, etc., because it is more in line with life habits and preferences of today's youth. But a few days ago, I visited new 159㎡ Chinese-style model room. After all, her decoration was worth 600,000 yuan. She is elegant and stylish, and I immediately fell in love with her!

The living room is relatively spacious. In many types of apartments, sofa is very close to TV wall. In this house, distance between TV wall and the sofa wall is at least 3 meters.

Sofa with log base and cushions made of high quality fabrics in matching shades.

The drum stool is very popular right now. This kind of drum stool is also suitable for a variety of decoration styles, such as New Chinese style, American style, and even Nordic style.

The dining area adjoins living room. The dining table and chairs are located against wall. They are made of solid wood, and backs of chairs are also trimmed with suede, which contrasts with relief watercolor decorative painting on table top. background wall. Not to mention it's a model room. The decoration is very advanced.

The house is a four-bedroom house. Tables and chairs in office are made in a simple style. They are placed against wall, and bookcases are built on both sides to top. Whether it's books or handicrafts, it's like a book.

The master bedroom is largest of several rooms and does not have a balcony, but it does have floor-to-ceiling windows with good lighting, and sofa and coffee table are separated by wooden screens.

A close-up of an attached small living room, whether reading a book before bed or soaking up sun during day, is a very pleasant experience.

The second bedroom is slightly smaller and the wardrobes are all built-in designs. The background wall is decorated with veneer panels and then ink-painted wallpaper is pasted to create a classic Chinese artistic concept. , which really has an atmosphere.

This is design of children's room. Of course, it is not so childish and romantic, but still very princessy, suitable for girls. The background wall is designed with a hard bag, and some three-dimensional patterns are pasted on it, which is beautiful and fashionable.

In corner of bedroom there is a set of dressing tables that can be used for dressing up and can also be used as a desk, which is also very convenient for studying. This effect is no wonder it was decorated with 600,000 yuan, effect is really beautiful!

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In home furniture industry, most people like popular Nordic style, simple and beautiful style, etc., because it is more in line with life habits and preferences of today's youth. But a few days ago, I visited new 159㎡ Chinese-styl...
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