Build a wall to decorate a diamond-shaped shower room, and neighbors who came after completion stepped on threshold!

The new house I bought is a 93 sqm house with two bedrooms. My husband is a designer himself. The two of us discussed style of decoration. Scandinavian style is combined with log furniture. finish is fresh and stylish My favorite It's still design of bathroom The diamond shaped shower room is decorated by building a wall on side of sink The neighbors who came to visit almost stepped over the threshold!

The house type is still very transparent. From entrance side there is an entrance closet. The space is not too big.

After entering from dining room is living room. The space is very spacious and bright. The TV wall is also a plain white wall, which is pretty monotonous. A set of partition cabinets is installed on wall, which can be used for storage and decoration.

This is a panoramic effect of living room. The balcony with it is also installed with glass sliding doors as a partition, and white and gray gauze curtains are installed, which is fresh and elegant.

The TV wall is left empty and top, side and TV cabinets are merged together. The storage of such a TV wall is still very powerful.

The designers themselves believe that simpler design, more beautiful it is. For example, sofa background wall leaves empty space. Just hang two decorative pictures and effect can be fashionable and stylish. atmospheric.

The design of master bedroom is basically same as that of living room. The background of bed and background wall of sofa are empty. Two decorative paintings hang for decoration. The furniture is made from logs. fresh and elegant, not too luxurious. But comfort is still sufficient.

The design of second bedroom is similar to that of master bedroom: log bed + built-in wardrobe, with enough storage space, Scandinavian log style is also very fashionable.

The second bedroom has a small bay window. The bay window is made of tatami and covered with soft pillows. Although window is small and tabletop is not large, it is also very nice to be able to read books and drink tea on such a leisure table. .

Bathroom design is best. On side of sink, a partition is built, forming a shower room in shape of a rhombus with glass on outside. This effect of separation of dry and humid air is fashionable and practical, I like my neighbors for a reason!

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