87㎡ Scandinavian style two bedroom all inclusive 98,000 Netizen: The effect and price of this decoration is real!

I bought a two-room new house for first time 87㎡. I do decoration myself. I'm afraid decoration will be too low or money will be wasted. It will be fresh and fashionable in Nordic style. The whole set costs 98,000. Netizens on forum praised it one by one, saying: The effect and price of this decoration are real!

The design of cabinet in hallway is also more practical. There are upper and lower cabinets for shoes, and on other side there is a separate cabinet for changing clothes. You can also put shoes under it. back wall, and a clothes hook is installed.

The living room is small in size, false ceiling is also very creative, green suede sofa and bright yellow pillows also create a special atmosphere.

The TV wall is also very simple, it is decorated with white cultural bricks with matching shades, literary and retro, very powerful.

From side of entrance to living room and balcony, tea table is also made in American retro style.

This group of tea art tables is very heavy and made of pure solid wood. When guests arrive, few people sit on sofa. They mainly drink tea here, and it is very convenient to entertain guests.

This is restaurant area. The dining table and chairs are made in Scandinavian log style. The packaging was not removed in time and it is connected to kitchen. Also on side is a set of companions for washing machine. The washing machine is planned to be placed under it, with such a sink it is much more convenient to pre-wash your hands.

This is effect of cleaning and cleaning the furniture now, isn't it much prettier?

Common kitchen cabinets are also custom made, painted cabinets, kitchen appliances built into cabinets, countertops are also artificial stone, same style as quartz stone, and hardness is also very good.

Take a close-up of bar counter, which is a seating area next to living room, which is very emotional.

The design of wardrobes in master bedroom is very successful, not only is there a whole wall of wardrobes, but also a set of built-in porch wardrobes at entrance, which takes up space in living room. aisle and greatly increases storage space.

This is second bedroom, which is used as a children's bedroom. The walls are also painted grey. The wardrobe is same as in master bedroom. It is custom made and made straight to top. , It looks good and more practical.

The bathroom is properly divided into wet and dry, washbasin is very unique, custom made in Stone Town.

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