While visiting 144 square meters nursing home, I saw modern Chinese leather style for first time, it's really great.

The professor has already retired, and now he is just returning to school. I heard that he was busy with repairs during winter holidays. Now nursing home located in outer ring is being ventilated and lived in 144㎡ house. It is very spacious and decoration is also very tasteful. I visited it last week and learned a lot. I really used fine leather furniture and Chinese style to form a modern Chinese style. this is first time I see such an effect. It's really grandiose!

The space in double hall is very spacious and there is no separate entrance. We can only use living room space to create a set of solid wood built-in wardrobes. This is an entrance, retro and stylish.

From aisle side of living room, lighting is very good and furniture is all leather, such as main sofa, for example, one-seat sofa, which is very high-end, especially color matching looks like an ink drawing drawn with light ink.

The TV wall is designed in imported marble with marble sconces on both sides and Roman columns on it.

The kitchen is simply designed as an open plan that is integrated with dining area. The dining table and chairs are made in an avant-garde style. The leather dining chairs and modern dining table match Chinese style. atmosphere and modern sense of fashion.

The walkway walls are either solid wood cabinets or solid wood wall panels, and floor tiles are embellished with a waveguide, revealing a virtue that can't be overlooked in simplicity.

This is master bedroom. The color scheme is similar to living room. The background wall is solid wood and background is grey. The bed is made of leather. Caramel color is most popular color at present. The texture is very good, which makes the entire bedroom feel upmarket and atmospheric without sacrificing comfort.

This is my daughter's room. The bay window design is good. They were directly smashed and turned into tatami cabinets. Even whole window is wrapped, which is harmonious and unified. Rarely, combination of solid wood and white paint has a fresh and elegant temperament.

The second bedroom has been directly replaced by solid wood tatami. The bed and desk are ready.

The bathroom is designed with a dry and a wet section. The sink is right outside bathroom. All cabinets, door frames, wall panels, etc. in room are made from this old solid wood, making Chinese style more intense!

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