The ceiling is plastered with only plaster lines, and 80,000 Scandinavian-style decorations are better than hundreds of thousands of decorations, let's see!

The area of ​​the new house is only 98 sq.m, but it has three rooms, so layout is still very compact. Finishing should be in Scandinavian style after discussion with family. No ceiling and no stucco, just stucco lines. upper corners are pasted over, and walls are painted blue-gray, 80,000 yuan for whole package can be fixed, but relatives and friends say the effect is comparable to hundreds of thousands, and they are so happy to praise it, show it from!

The entrance hall is very small, in fact it is a small square space, you can’t even make a closet, only a full-length mirror is installed on wall, which looks much more spacious.

After entering, there is a dining room, entire wall is painted in a gray-blue tone, this color scheme can be adjusted, making whole room fresh, stylish and very warm. The dining table and chairs are made in a simple log style, and Scandinavian style is combined with such tables and chairs, which is very artistic.

When looking at living room from dining room, the 98 square meter house is actually a three-bedroom house, which is still somewhat compact, thanks to large windows, and good lighting.

This is general effect of living room. The ceiling is only covered with drywall lines. The only ceiling is a set of drywall on sofa. This is just right for making holes for installing ceiling lights, and don't be afraid of falling dust, it's simple and beautiful.

The kitchen is a corner space. This gray and white color scheme is also the standard Scandinavian style color scheme. White overall cabinets are combined with gray wall and floor tiles, which looks stylish and neat.

The master bedroom is out of shape, but walls are all painted blue-grey, with gray soft sloping beds and linens, only change being to break up bay window, making bedroom a bit more spacious.

The second bedroom is for children. The area is not too big, and bay window is used to maximum. It is equipped with a hanging table. Such an independent bedroom, in which you can sleep and study, is also convenient for children to grow up.

In age of Internet, an independent study is also indispensable. In order to make room multifunctional, study is also built up with tatami. There are beds and wardrobes. It is very convenient even as a temporary bedroom.

The bathroom is most enjoyable. Now this type of small white brick is popular, so walls of bathroom are completely white brick combined with black fittings. This combination of black and white gives bathroom an artistic and high-end look. -End What do you have? Not same?

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